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Staton PTO 2020-21 Membership Drive


The PTO helps to make Staton Elementary School a better school in two ways:

1. We raise money. PTO organizes fundraisers like Pioneer Nights, the Staton raffle, Spring auction, and Staton Strides for Success. Money raised goes toward class size reduction, the Tech Lab, certified tutors to give specialized support to students, classroom materials, and technology upgrades. We work with the Staton staff and teachers to make sure Staton students have the resources and materials they need to succeed above what CCSD provides.

2. We show up for the community and teachers. For our teachers we organize: room parents, teacher appreciation lunches and gifts, and money for teachers to purchase additional classroom supplies! For our community we organize:  Boohoo Yahoo Breakfast, Picnic In the Park, Trunk or Treat, Spring Event, VIP Breakfast, Yearbook, etc.— these are all events planned and staffed by PTO volunteers they show gratitude to our teachers and are activities that give the kids a chance to have fun and make some great memories.

We understand that time is a parent’s most precious commodity, so we don’t want to waste yours. Sign up and help support our events and stay informed. We’ll let you know what’s going on and what volunteer time is needed. 


Although you aren’t required to attend monthly PTO meetings, everyone is welcome.  Our principal and teacher representatives attend and great information is shared.  Our meetings will be held via zoom 2nd Wednesday of each month at 9:05am Zoom link is the same each month until in person meetings on campus is authorized. 


Questions? Contact 

School Benefits                                   Without PTO                    With PTO

* Technology Lab / Teacher                      NO                                    YES

* Class size in 3rd Grade                         :28                                      :21

* Tutors to assist all teachers                   NO                                    YES

* Cash for teachers to buy 

necessary teaching materials                  NO                                    YES


* Necessary school supplies                 SOME                                  ALL

* Picnic in the Park                                   NO                                   YES

* Trunk or Treat                                         NO                                   YES  

* Muffins for Moms / Donuts for Dads       NO                                   YES

* Spring Event                                           NO                                   YES