Student Attendance/Absence


Attendance will be taken on a daily basis per the Clark County School District Attendance Guidelines. A student is considered present/participating for an attendance day and course if:


1. The student makes progress in their class work leading toward mastery of the Nevada Academic Content Standards and/or a course’s completion that can be verified through a learning management system or other means.


2. The student participates in a real-time class session (e.g., attends a live Google Meet).


3. The student meets with or otherwise communicates with a licensed teacher or licensed substitute teacher who is able to discuss the student’s progress in the particular course.


To alert the school office of an absent student, send an email to Be sure to include student name, date absent, reason for the absence, and cc your teacher. Please alert the school within three days of the absence. If you prefer, you can send in an absence note with your student within three days of the absence. All pre-arranged ansences must be approved by administration prior to the absence.