School Organizational Team (SOT)

School Organizational Team (SOT) Meetings are open to the whole school community and your input is encouraged:

Please mark your calendars for future Staton Elementary School Organizational Team Meetings in the Staton ES Library.  Minutes for meetings will be posted shortly.

  • Staton ES - Room #65, 06/17/19 at 12:00pm - Click HERE for meeting minutes

  • Staton ES - Room #65, 08/21/19 at 3:30pm - Click HERE for meeting minutes

  • Staton ES - Room #65, 09/17/19 at 3:30pm - Click HERE for meeting minutes

  • Staton ES - Room #65, 10/16/19 at 3:30pm - Click HERE for meeting minutes

  • Staton ES - Room #65, 11/13/19 at 3:30pm - Click HERE for meeting minutes

  • Staton ES - Room #65, 12/18/19 at 3:30pm - Click HERE for meeting minutes

  • Staton ES - Room #65, 01/22/19 at 3:30pm - 

  • Staton ES - Room #65, 02/19/19 at 3:30pm - 

  • Staton ES - Room #65, 03/18/19 at 3:30pm - 

  • Staton ES - Room #65, 04/15/19 at 3:30pm - 

  • Staton ES - Room #65, 05/06/19 at 3:30pm - 

**All meeting dates and times subject to change.

For meeting minutes dated prior to July 2019, please see the "Archived SOT Meeting Minutes" tab.

As part of the reorganization of the Clark County School District, our school has formed a School Organizational Team that includes five parents and guardians that were elected by a vote of all parents and guardians at our school.  

What is the role of the SOT?

  • Provide input on the school performance plan and budget.

  • Provide continued advice to the principal in carrying out the school plan.

  • Assist with the selection of the next principal when there is a vacancy.

Who are the members of our SOT?

  • Principal (non-voting member): Lindsay Tomlinson 

  • Teachers: Teri Mann, Robert Hollowood, Jennifer Katz

  • Support Staff: Julie Hosea

  • Parents: Leigh-Anne Mateyka, Shannan Ohlson, M'Recia Clawson, Kim Long, Riki Holpuch

What are the requirements of Team members?

  • Attend meetings at least once per month, outside of school hours.

  • Make decisions with the whole school population in mind.

  • Work collaboratively and attempt to reach consensus with the team. ​

CCSD Reorganization Introduction & Overview


Below are the links for the introduction and overview of the AB 394 Reorganization of the Clark County School District:


Additional information on AB394 Reorganization of CCSD can be found at

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