September 2019 Winners

Best Class Attendance

Ms. McKenna's 1st Grade Class at 98.2%

Perfect Student Attendance  

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Conductors of the Month 

What is a Conductor of the Month? Students are recognized for conducting themselves with character, practicing kindness, citizenship and not having more than (2) absences for the month. The award is designed to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of our student leaders. Each month the teacher will nominate three students who have met all the criteria. The class will vote for one (1) student who showed the best citizenship for the month. The winners will be invited to an assembly where students will receive a certificate and light refreshments will be served.   

Pre-K / Special Education (Chosen by a Teacher): TBD

Kindergarten (Voted by Peers): Ellie L., Ena S., Addison Q., Triniti G., Charley P.

1st Grade (Voted by Peers): Isabelle M., Braden N., Isla F., Samantha H., Felicity M.

2nd Grade (Voted by Peers): Layla F., Maria K., Jack B., Harlow L., Sebastien H.

3rd Grade (Voted by Peers): Lea R., Kahlil J., Zoey C., Farah F., Avery G., Lilly C.

4th Grade (Voted by Peers): Camden C., Anna N., AJ C., Chelsea P.

5th Grade (Voted by Peers): Hayden V., Centri M., Daria K., Isabella S., Rachel W.

Nominated by Specialists: Nixon M., Samantha H., Evan O., Carter J., Nickolas L.

STEAM Readers

What is a STEAM Reader? Students turn in a bookmark showing they read for at least 18 hours (30 minutes a day). The bookmarks are accumulated by grade level and a bookmark is randomly selected to win a prize. 

Kindergarten: Ava G.

1st Grade: None

2nd Grade: Franky L.

3rd Grade: Holland P.

4th Grade: Ryan W.

5th Grade: Evan O.

Golden Fork Award in the Lunchroom

What is a Golden Fork Award?  Classes are selected by a student from another grade level based on which classroom has the cleanest table and floor area after their lunch period is complete. Golden Forks are collected throughout the month. The winning classes for each grade level get an extra recess.

Kindergarten: Driscoll

1st Grade: Huseman

2nd Grade: McCallum

3rd Grade: Gums

4th Grade: Prince

5th Grade: DeVries



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