Frequently Asked Questions Distance Learning


Will there still be an Accelerated Learning Model (ALM) classroom in 1st – 5th grades?

Yes, there will still be ALM classrooms and this will be listed on your child’s placement letter if they qualified for this. Additionally, information will be provided along with the placement letter to explain what ALM is. All students in the ALM classroom will receive a digital ALM contract before school starts to sign.

If my student is in an ALM classroom and decided to home school, can my spot be saved to return to Staton?

Unfortunately, seats in the ALM class will not be reserved for parents that decide to homeschool or leave Staton for another school (private, charter, CCSD, etc.). We have a waiting list for all grade levels at this time.


How will this affect IEPs?

Students with IEPs will still receive minutes that are designated to them on their IEP. Resource minutes will be provided by a resource teacher and or a licensed special education teacher (Speech). All Special Education Teachers will be working with classroom teachers to ensure students are continuing to work on goals and benchmarks that are in their IEPs.

What about IEP meetings?

IEP meetings will be all held virtually at this time and until further notice.

General Questions

When is the first day of school?

The first day of school is August 24th for all students. You will follow the specific schedule your teacher will provide to you.

When will we meet our teacher? Will there be a meet and greet?

There will be a virtual meet and greet for students are starting this week!! Teachers will be sending you invitations to sign up for a time to meet with them! Each teacher will do a full class meet and greet and individual meet and greet. The full class meet and greet will be held virtually to get to know one another. The individual meet and greet will be set up individually with parents and students so that the teacher can review specific information like individual schedules, assessments, expectations and answer any questions that parents have.

What about curriculum? What will be used?

Besides the ALM classrooms, all other classrooms will follow our Staton curriculum that is aligned to the Nevada Academic Content Standards. We have updated this on our website for easy viewing. Please go to, click on Parents, then click on Staton Curriculum. Teachers will be continuing to use this curriculum and materials as we go online.

Will the office be open for questions?

Unfortunately, the office will not be open for walk in questions. The office, at this time, is only able to be by appointment only. The office will be open to receive phone calls from 7:30 – 1:00 through July and then starting in August will be open from 7:30 – 4:00.

Once online learning gets started, how do I report an absence for my child if they are sick and not able to participate online?

Regular attendance is not only important to your child’s success in school, but it is the State Law and District Policy for all students to attend virtual learning during all times that public school is in session. Please send an email to stating the reason for the absence within three days.

How do I find out important information from the school?

The Staton Facebook page, Staton Instagram page and Staton website ( are great ways to keep up to date on important information and upcoming events. We suggest you “like” or join either or both pages! Additionally, we will be sending out a weekly “smore” that will come to you both via email and text message, this will outline important information each week and events! Additionally, we will continue with monthly calendars that will be sent digitally to all parents!

How can I keep up to date with my child’s school progress and grades?

The Clark County School District student information system, Infinite Campus, allows parents to view their child’s academic information in real time through the Parent Portal. Go to If you have questions or concerns logging into the Parent Portal, or with the information you see in the Parent Portal, please contact our school office at (702) 799 – 6720.

Will there be the traditional Staton community events?  Our family looks forward to picnic in the park and trunk or treat every year, and of course all the other events that typically follow!

At this time, we are not able to hold any traditional events due to the Governor’s orders. PTO is working tirelessly to ensure we do have community events, but they will look differently! Please stay tuned as we have some exciting things coming up, please check out our social media and weekly smore to find out what is happening!

What if I still have questions?

Please join us for a special Talk Time with Tomlinson at 12:00 PM on Wednesday, August 19th to ask your questions directly to Mrs. Tomlinson! At these two meetings you will be able to meet the Specialists of Staton as well as learn more about navigating Canvas. Please join us Wednesday by clicking on the following link:

Meeting at 9am:

Meeting at 6pm:

Clark County School District also provides a website that is continuously updated with district information, please check it out by going to:

We appreciate your patience as we work through all of this uncertainty and promise you that Staton is going to keep our theme of “Anchored in Learning: Staton Sails for Success” at the forefront of all planning, implementing and teaching through this year!

Will there still be Pre-K and if so, what days and times?

Yes, Staton will still offer a Pre-K Program! Mrs. Rowe and Mrs. Tweedy will each have their own sections of Pre-K this year. They will have two half day programs (AM and PM). These programs will be every Monday through Thursday. Mrs. Fife will continue to teach our KIDS (PreK Autism) Program. This program is full day from Monday through Friday with one Friday off a month.

Will students still be doing MAPS assessments?

Yes! Students will be participating in online MAPS assessments. These will be done from home and will help the teacher guide instruction for the year. Specific timelines and details for how these will work will be sent out in a few weeks. Each student in K – 5 will take an ELA and Math assessment. PreK students will not take this assessment. MAP Growth will be administered remotely for all students in Grades K-10 with proctoring support from parents/guardians in collaboration with the classroom teacher. Dates for assessments, parent guides and specific guidance will be forthcoming in the next few weeks. At this time, we have set tentative dates for MAPS assessments but the actual time will be coming from your classroom teacher. See schedules below:

Will there be homework expected for my student?

At Staton, we know that parents are going to be doing a huge part of assisting students with their daily school work. Due to this we are not going to provide homework as we want students to enjoy reading and outdoor activities at their leisure at night.

How is Attendace taken?

Attendance will be taken on a daily basis per the Clark County School District Attendance Guidelines. A student is considered present/participating for an attendance day and course if: 1. The student makes progress in their class work leading toward mastery of the Nevada Academic Content Standards and/or a course’s completion that can be verified through a learning management system or other means. 2. The student participates in a real-time class session (e.g., attends a live Google Meet). 3. The student meets with or otherwise communicates with a licensed teacher or licensed substitute teacher who is able to discuss the student’s progress in the particular course.

Infomation about Pre-K.

Teachers in the Pre-K Programs will be sharing individual student schedules with families and students. We shared a few different schedules with families last week but each student will follow a specific learning path that will be given to them by their teacher (based on small group instruction). The Pre-K program (besides Ms. Fife) will still run on a half day schedule (AM or PM) and will not have school on Fridays. Additionally, a survey was sent out to gather information on the needs of devices (iPads) for students. We have requested these from CCSD and HOPE to have these this week!! We are doing our best to secure these for students!


What about GATE services?

GATE services will still be provided. If your child receives GATE services we will be providing that time with their master schedule during meet and greet conferences.

My child is not in GATE but was supposed to be tested in the spring, what happens now?

This is something we have been asking the district for guidance on and still do not have this. When we get guidance on this, we will resume with testing as directed.

School Supplies

What about school supplies?

In April we had posted a list of recommended school supplies for the year on our website. Though most of the items will be utilized for distance learning, we will be posting a modified list by the end of July. The modified supply list is attached to the Smore, posted online on our website and a hard copy will be mailed with each child’s placement letter.

What if we ordered First Day School Supplies?

First Day School Supplies will be delivered to Staton the first week of August. If you ordered one, the PTO will reach out to you and provide a time that you can pick it up at Staton to use at home for virtual learning. If you chose not to pick it up, it will stay in your student’s classroom for when school resumes on campus.

Class Placement

What about my child’s classroom placement?

We are currently in the process of printing and sealing envelopes to be sent home. Classes have been built since the beginning of June but due to the uncertainty of the start of the year, we waited until now to send these out. Our goal is to get these out the first week of August so we can provide you accurate and up to date information. Classroom placements were sent out Friday, July 31st.

What if I do not receive my child’s placement letter?

If you do not receive a letter in the mail, it could mean that you are not fully registered for school. Please call the office at 702-799-6720 or email Amy Maillaro at and we will assist you with enrollment and your class placement.

Canvas/Distant Learning

How will distance learning work and what will it look like?

We have begun to create schedules and are so excited about them! We have attached a separate document of “tentative” schedules that were put together by each grade level and ALM classrooms. Students will participate in asynchronous and synchronous learning. The district has required the following:

K – 2: 60 - 90 minutes of synchronous learning daily

3 – 5: 90 - 120 minutes of synchronous learning daily

ALL synchronous learning will be recorded to ensure students can participate at the time they need. Teachers will be reviewing what this all means during their individual one on one meet and greet sessions with parents.Pre-K schedules are still being crafted as we are waiting on specific information from the district Additionally, Mrs. Tomlinson will be answering questions about this on her virtual session this week!

We have provided sample tentative schedules to all parents via our weekly communication and in placement letters. Below is a sample of our 2nd grade schedules. This week we are featuring a brand new “explanation” document of what this schedule may actually look like. Please see that in our weekly smore on our website!

What are the expectations for distance learning?

Since this decision was just made and there are still a lot of information that we are waiting on from CCSD, we plan to have these sent out to you in the next few weeks as well as reviewed with you at your individual student conference before school begins. Students will be using the Canvas Platform for online learning.

What is the time frame for distance learning?  Will this be for the entire school year?

As stated in the school board meeting last evening, the timeline for distance learning will all depend on the virus. At this time we do not have an exact expected date for returning to learning on campus but it is for the foreseeable future.

I need a chromebook for distance learning, how will I get one?

A link was sent out last week to request a Chromebook if needed. We are going to keep the link live a few more days to ensure we provide those the opportunity to request one if needed. The link will be closed on Friday, August 7th. Pre-K and Special Education Programs (Autism) do not need to complete a survey, as a separate survey will be sent at a later date. We will be in contact with those needing Chromebooks for a deployment date prior to school starting.

For those requesting a Chromebook, please expect an email this week stating a time and date to pick yours up at school!

You mentioned above Canvas learning for students.  Will parents be trained on this?

Yes! There are two different options for training. CCSD is providing specific parent meetings and videos for parents. Videos can be found at and classes will be shared as they are created. At Staton, our technology teacher, Mrs. Crowe, will be offering parent trainings to help with Canvas and assisting your student in online learning. Please be on the lookout for specific dates and times of these optional trainings soon!

What is GoGuardian and how does it work?

In order to support distance education needs, CCSD requires a content filtering, management, theft recovery, and remote teaching/proctoring solution to manage the distance education environment. The District will continue the usage of GoGuardian districtwide for the 2020-2021 school year. The GoGuardian Suite provides a Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) compliant content filtering application, which will block students from accessing dangerous or inappropriate websites when they are logged into a Chromebook or Chrome browser on Windows or Mac operating systems. In addition, GoGuardian provides theft recovery and monitoring to help track and prevent the loss of devices.

Where can I find more infomation about Canvas?

Canvas will be the online learning platform for all students this year. Students will access all instruction by logging in with their username and password (provided by your classroom teacher) at Your teacher will go over the login process during the whole class meet and greet and will spend the first few days of school getting students and parents acquainted with navigating this site. Please join us on Wednesday at 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM wherein we will show a quick demonstration of using this site! Additional information for parents is located below. CCSD Family Guide: Canvas for Students: Canvas for Parents:

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