Notes from the School Board Meeting on 6/25/2020:

CCSD is still working out many of the finer details. The proposal shared explained the plan, and is the most amount of face time that can be provide while maintaining the current requirements of the state (governor, health department, board of education) and CDC guidelines. 

CCSD also stressed that the plan will not be what the end of the last

school year looked like with distance learning. New content will be required to be taught and assignments will be required and count for grades. CCSD felt that by allowing site specific plans the communication and expectations were too all over the place at the end of the year and therefore the district is going to take a stronger hand in controlling the plan so that each school is following the same requirements. 

Many of the areas of high concern are the logistics of passing periods and food pick up as well as transportation for all levels of schools (high/middle/elementary). 

CCSD is still working out answers about many logistical question about substitutes and what happens if a teacher gets sick and there is no substitute available. It won't be possible to split classes up anymore. 

IEPs/504s were a huge area of discussion. Guidance will be provided on how to schedule instructional minutes and related services (Speech/OT/PT) both in person and through distance (teletherapy, etc).  

For digital content CCSD is currently planning on pulling over existing course content from NVLA for grades 6-12. Currently there is no pre-built content for PK-5 so consideration is being made to build that. (Probably won’t be in place at the beginning of the year). 

CCSD stressed that they are NOT allowed to return to full time learning. There are directives in place that prevent it. So, CCSD is working with community partners to try to set up childcare solutions for at home days that are also safe and socially distanced, but that is at the beginning stages of being worked on. 

The cohort system as they have it right now, which parents can choose with an upcoming survey are: 

  • Cohort A (M/T) In person  (W/Th/F) online.

  • Cohort B (Th/F) in person (M/T/W) online.

  • Cohort C is if you want to keep your kids home all days and online 100%. There will be designated teachers for Cohort C, that would only teach Cohort C.

In Middle and High school each teacher who is seeing real students would teach 8 classrooms full of students (probably capped at 18 per class, depending on square footage of the classrooms). So they would have 4 classes in Cohort A (M/T) and 4 in Cohort B (Th/F). 

Your child will be in one of these three options and they will all run simultaneously. On the at home days there will be work required and content provided, just not in person. 

Should we have to go backwards to distance learning only, the organization and content would already be in place. If we can move forward and have larger class sizes, then Cohort A and B can be combined and students can go to school more days. 

Sports/Music/Extra curricular are not clear right now.

*A link to the full slideshow is available by clicking on the image below.

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