Be Kind Angel Tree

Dear Staton Students and Parents/Guardians,


With the holidays quickly approaching, we’d like to help bring a little joy to some students from Katz ES. We will be doing an Angel Tree to provide gifts for kids who otherwise wouldn’t get any for the holidays. Beginning November 25th, you will find a tree in the office with paper angels, each with a number and some gift ideas for that child. We ask that only adults take the angels off the tree, but do hope this will be a family activity focused on kindness and the spirit of giving. If you’d like to participate, please follow the steps below:

  1. Take an angel off the tree. Near the tree is the Angel Tree sign-up sheet. Please write your name and phone number on the corresponding line of the number of the angel(s) you took.

  2. Buy a gift(s) for that child that totals $30. Please stay as close to this as possible to ensure each child receives comparable gifts.

    * (If you’d rather make a donation in the amount of $30, please give the cash or a check made out to Staton PTO to our wonderful office staff.) 

  3. Wrap the gift(s) and place in a bag that can be carried – a paper grocery bag, plastic bag, a gift bag or anything that allows for easy carrying is acceptable. The parents will be picking up the gifts up from Katz and many will be walking so this will make it easier for them to transport the gifts home.

  4. Staple or tape the angel to the bag. This is extremely important so we know which student the gift is for.

  5. Please drop the gift(s) off in the office by December 11th.


We know this can be a busy time of year with many things going on. Whether or not you participate in the Be Kind Angel Tree, we hope everyone will look for ways to spread the message of kindness.

Thank you,

Staton Staff and PTO

* If you have any questions about the Angel Tree, please contact Mr. Davis at 799-6720 ext. 4301.

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