Apex Fun Run Q&A

Thank you for your support in helping our students raise pledges and donations for the Apex Fun Run. The Apex Fun Run is for every student regardless of financial giving. All students will receive Apex bands, race-day lap counters, and team awards. If this is your first year doing the Apex Fun Run, here are answers to frequently asked questions:
How do pledges work:

  • All pledges are raised on a per lap basis. For 30 minutes, kids will run 26-36 laps, with the maximum amount of laps being 36 (each lap is 1/16th of a mile), meaning a donation of $1 a lap would equal about $26-$36 depending on how many laps your student runs.

  • Instead of pledges, kids can also receive flat donations of any amount.  When they receive a total of $30 in flat pledges, that is equal to $1 a lap.

How do I enter pledges:

  • All pledges/donations are entered online at www.apexfunrun.com with your child’s code. If you don't know your child's code, please contact your classroom parent.  Money will be collected after the race is over.  If you have any trouble with the website, please contact Shannan at shannanohlson@gmail.com.


How does the Money Breakdown?
Apex has the average split
that most fundraisers

involving outside companies have, like when you

sell gift wrapping, cookie dough or coupon

books. They receive 48% and our school receives

52%. However, while our half is all profit for the

school, Apex's half includes the costs of all the

student prizes, t-shirts, pledge kits, teacher

materials and awards, race day equipment,

curriculum, website fees and maintenance,

customer service, insurance, team salaries and

training, etc.

What’s the Apex Team doing in the

Unlike product-based fundraisers with no learning

opportunities for the students, the Apex Fun Run

program incorporates a curriculum about leadership and fitness!  The Apex team meets briefly with classrooms daily to teach a lesson, encourage pledges, and get the kids excited!  For each lesson, every student receives a plastic bracelet reminder. Here are the lessons being taught:

  • Unique

  • No Excuses

  • Inspire Others

  • Teachable

  • Empathize

  • Do Your Best

How Do I Get Involved?

 You can help our school be successful in the following four ways:

  • Help connect your child to potential sponsors (family and friends) to acquire pledges.

  • Ask your child about the “UNITED” character lessons, and download the “Apex Fun Run” App in the App Store!

  • Come to the Apex Fun Run and don’t forget to invite others to attend the big event.

  • Help volunteer for the race!  We need many parents to help cheer on students and mark laps.  If you would like to volunteer for the race or have additional questions, please contact Shannan HERE.

When will my child run?

  • Fun Run 1: Pre-K, KIDS, Kindergarten @9:10am

  • Fun Run 2: 1st & 2nd Grades @ 10:10am

  • Fun Run 3: Pre-K & 4th Grade @ 1:00pm

  • Fun Run 4: 3rd & 5th Grades @ 2:00pm

What is APEX teaching our kids?

Below are links to the daily lessons.  Feel free to find out for yourself what your child is learning.  The videos require the password "apexteam" to view.


LESSON: Step 1 - Unique

LESSON: Step 2 - No Excuses

LESSON: Step 3 - Inspire

LESSON: Step 4 - Teachable

LESSON: Step 5 - Empathize

LESSON: Step 6 - Do Your Best


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