Please Help a Staton Teacher in Need

Mrs. Nikki McGuire, a Staton Kindergarten teacher and our cheer coach, was recently given news that her Leukemia has returned. She has been fighting this battle for 9 years and unfortunately it has returned. We want to show her our support and love as she is going to need to take time off from work and receive intensive treatments out of state. Our Staton Community is amazing and we will be behind her the whole way as she fights this battle!!  To help her out, the school has decided to sell "Hope for Nikki" shirts. All the proceeds from these shirts will go directly to her medical expenses. Shirts will be $10 and an order form will be sent home tomorrow, Monday, November 26th. Shirts will be delivered before the holidays and we will make a special day each week to wear this shirt to show her how much we support her in this fight. 


Please CLICK HERE for the order form and one will be coming home with your child tomorrow. We appreciate your support for Mrs. McGuire as she takes on the fight!!  Let's all show her how much the Staton Community loves our teachers!!  


As always, thank you for all you do to make Staton an amazing community!



Mrs. Tomlinson 

Please Help a Staton Family in Need

It is with a heart full of care and love that we send this information. Emma, one of our Staton students, needs our support. 

Emma has a rare brain tumor called a craniopharyngioma. It originates on or near the pituitary gland and it interferes with the pituitary's normal hormone production.  She had surgery to try to remove it, first in January of 2017. It's common for this tumor to regrow after it's been removed, which is what happened to Emma. She had another surgery in March of 2018 to try to remove it again, but it had grown upwards and stuck to her optic nerves.  Her surgeons believed it was too risky to try to remove it from them. This kind of tumor doesn't respond to medicine to help shrink it, but it usually responds to radiation treatments, which Emma will start the summer of 2018. She will need several weeks of daily small doses of radiation to try to shrink the tumor, yet not damage her vision.


Despite everything she has been through, and what she still has to face, she is a kind, happy, funny and smart girl. She is sad to be leaving kindergarten and her favorite teacher, Mrs. Kern, but she is also already thinking ahead and looking forward to first grade. She is interested in so many things it's hard to list them all, but mostly she just loves having fun, being outside, hanging out with her family, enjoying time with her friends and making people laugh (which she's really good at). A Go Fund Me page has been started for Emma. Please CLICK HERE TO HELP. Thank you for your kindness.

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